Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lotus Connections

IBM Lotus Connections is social software for business that empowers you to be more innovative and helps you execute more quickly by using dynamic networks of coworkers, partners and customers.

Microformat information:

Operating Systems

SQL Server, Oracle, DB2

Application Server

Microformats bring standardization in small baby steps

While the semantic web grand vision has been somewhat an academic exercise, microformats are creating easy ways for sites to share information in a fluid, flexible, and distributed way. I have just finished trying out Yahoo Search Monkey. It is cool and very easy to create custom searches that pull microformat data directly into the search results. This creates a customized look and provides the search results recipient with more helpful information which will only increase the likelihood that they visit your site.

Here is a sample XOXO list in microformats that details some of the benefits:

  1. SEO

    1. More precise searches

    2. Faceted search

    3. More meaningful search result display data

  2. Integration with other programs

    1. Add to my calendar

  3. Better browsing

    1. Firefox 3 provides easy API for adding and operating on microformats

    2. IE 8 uses hAtom for Web Slices and promises more microformat support as well.

Another example is the hDITA work at Lotus Information 2.0 Web Site